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Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 22, August 20 - 26

Water Parks

Pull Quote-Fake surf, waterslides, boat rides and real sun: for a beach
holiday in the suburbs of Beijing try one of these waterparks.

Jinhai Lake (Golden Ocean Lake)
Windsurfing, rowboating, canoeing and waterskiing. Take a ride on a speedboat or float around in a covered ship.
rmb 30.
Directions: Take the Beijing-Shunyi-Shunping (Jingshun) highway from Dongzhimen to Pinggu. Passing the Pinggu city center, the park lies just past the Huzhuang intersection.
Tel: 6999-1471

Lianhua Lake
A 400-square-meter beach, rowboats, motorboats and dragon boats. Directions: Start from Deshengmen, take the Changping Highway north towards Badaling and look for the signs.
Tel: 6914-4238

Yanqi Lake
Surrounded on three sides by mountains, the lake area includes a 30,000-square-meter artificial beach. Facilities include motorboats, pedal boats, windsurfing, parasailing, waterslides and fishing.
Entrance: rmb 15
Directions: 58 km from Beijing, start off from Dongzhimen. Drive along with Jingshun highway towards Huairou and follow the signs north for a little more than an hour.
Tel: 6966-1696

Lakeview Waterpark

Waterslides, tubing, a surfable beach, kids swimming pools and vortex pools for adults.
Admission: rmb 100, rmb 50 for kids.
Season Ticket: rmb 430, rmb 180 for kids.
Directions: Take the Jingshun Highway and follow the roundabouts to the Huairou flyover. At the Kaifang roundabout, turn left towards Huairou, then take a right toward the Fule roundabout. At the Yanxi roundabout turn left.
Tel: 6568-1061/2


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