Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 11, June 4 - 10

Door to Door Computer Repair  

Beijing's Silicon Alley at Zhongguancun is a long haul if you don't live in the western part of town. The service centers below all offer pick-up and delivery computer repair.

Beijing Zhiyuan Service Repair
Nanyangquan 4 Suzhou Jie, Haidian District
Tel: 6257-5147

Genesis Medi-Tech Limited
Room 624, Building 11, Er'qi Juchanglu, Haidian District
Tel: 6803-4876

Haowangda Computer Assistance
South Side of Zhichunli Elementary School
Huang Zhuang, Haidian District
Tel: 6255-1238, 6257-9496

Manufacturer Service Centers
7 6th Street, Yanhua Building, Shangdi Information Industry Base, Haidian District
Tel: 6297-2895/6 ext. 32

Kunlun Electronic Printing Tech Co., Ltd.
34-D, Baishiqiao Road, Haidian District
Tel: 6217-6050, Fax: 6217-3592

Huichang Apple Services
A1, Zizhuyuan, Haidian District
Tel: 6847-5680

Hai'autong Apple Service
Room 316, ZhongJing Tower, No. 72, North Xisanhuan Road, Haidian District
Tel: 6848-6228

171 Haidian Road 171, Dahua Building, North of People's University
Tel: 6251-0127, 6251-0130

Xiong Long Repair Center
37 Baishiqiao Road, Haidian District
Tel: 6842-0602

International Conference Center, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6498-1188

Zhongguancun South 3rd Street, opposite Zhongkeyuan Physics Institute west door, Haidian District
Tel: 6263-2262, 6261-4454, 6262-1977

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