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Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 21, August 13 - 19

Learn Mandarin

Small private schools teaching Mandarin for foreigners are a time- and cost-effective alternative to universities. The following schools offer classes during and after office/school hours.

Bridge School
Mandarin lessons through all
levels. Group classes and one-on-one.
Room 1308 Guang Ming Hotel
Chaoyang District
Tel: 6494-0234, 6468-0290

The Island Chinese Language School
Putonghua lessons by former Diplomatic School teachers. Reasonable rates - 45-75 per hour.
China World, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6505-1226, 6505-3322, 6842-0292 (after hours)

Taipai Learning Institute
40 Liang Ma Qiao Lu
Chaoyang District
Tel: 6466-3311 ext. 3509 or email:
Small group and individual
classes at all proficiency levels.


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