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Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 22, August 20 - 26

  COVER STORY: Escape From Beijing!
Four great weekend getaways from Beijing. Sleeping on the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng, Buddhist Caves down South, Traipsing in the Western Hills and Horseback-Riding. Includes directions.

Zhao Le : August 20 - 26, 1999
Highlights include new group show at the Courtyard Gallery, punk-popsters Flower and superb exhibition of Buddhist relics. Also includes:
The Picks , Art Scene, Cinema Scene, Exhibition Scene,
Stage Scene, Kids Scene, Sports Scene

Scene Classifieds: Jobs, jobs, jobs...
Seeking German teachers, interior designers and marketing staff.
Housing available.. apartment on Ju'er Hutong
Items for sale... golf clubs, stereos and mobile phones
Employment Offered, Employment Sought, For Sale/Wanted,
Housing Available/Sought, Services, Personals, Announcement



Comrade Language: Everyday Items in Chinese People's home
The Comrade waxes pedagogical on the household goods found in every Chinese home.

Culture Scene
Lobsters perish in vain: Exhibition of new works by fifteen young artists is closed down, leaving some of the more unusual works high and dry.

Shopping Scene
Tattoos and groovy threads for urban rats: a new store in a Haidian hutong offers second-hand clothes, tattoos and skateboards. Super 24 sells Dostoevsky and Donuts right around the clock.

Best Bite: Rotary Sushi
Cheap and convenient raw fish makes sushi addict lose all hope of recovery at Rotary Sushi.

In Short: Translations from the Chinese press
Life is a Gamble, Sacred Places, Controversial Auteur in Venice, Advertisers Lose In Beijing's Billboard Ban, Order of the Court...

FYI: Water Parks
Make the most of the last days of summer at water parks in suburban Beijing.

Expat School List

Restaurant Scene

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi
STREET PUNK VS. BOOKWORM The cartoon saga continues

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