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Beijing's best English-language website and weekly newspaper

Comprehensive listings of sports and cultural activities for expatriate kids, links to tried and tested educational websites and a complete listing of Beijing schools that accept foreigners.

Zhao Le : August 13 - 19, 1999
Highlights include Taiwanese poster art exhibition, Brazilian Bow and Arrow Dance performance, African band Mitabe, Shandong grunge band Cold Blooded Animal and Gansu folk-rockers Wild Children. Also includes:
The Picks , Art Scene, Cinema Scene, Exhibition Scene,
Stage Scene, Kids Scene, Sports Scene

Scene Classifieds: Jobs, jobs, jobs...
architects, English teachers, English polishers, art gallery staff, sales and marketing staff. Check out:
Employment Offered, Employment Sought, For Sale/Wanted,
Housing Available/Sought, Services, Personals, Announcement


Ask Ayi: Ayi gets testy!
Ayi takes the Imperial Examination and explains why Chinese teenagers are so afraid of the word 'test.'

Comrade Language: Blood Types
Type O's are stubborn but loyal; type A's are superficial but patient. Bloody-minded comrade analyzes your personality based on your blood type.

Travel Scene
Driving to Xanadu. Beat the Beijing heat by driving to Inner Mongolia, visiting the grasslands and the ruins of Kubla Khan's summer palace. With map, route directions and places to stay.

Best Bite: The Mother of All Theme Restaurants
Jintaiyuan Restaurant: home-style hangover-averting dining.

In Short: Translations from the Chinese press
What If I Were Real? Chinese Cyberwarrior, Billions on Golden Celebration, Chinese Yellow Pages Online, Debt Recovery Details

FYI: Learning Chinese
Learning Chinese part-time at private language schools for kids and adults: listings of three of the best in Beijing.

Expat School List

Restaurant Scene

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi
STREET PUNK VS. BOOKWORM The cartoon saga continues

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