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Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 23, August 27 - September 2

Beijing director Jia Zhangke's underground hit "Xiao Wu" has won film awards in Berlin and San Francisco, and is proving a surprise commercial success on the international art circuit. It is of course banned in China, bolstering the film's cachet among China's glitterati.

Zhao Le : August 27- September 2, 1999
Highlights include Anarchy Jerks performing 'Our rights have been eaten by the dogs' and other hits, Japanese guitarist and sampling master Otomo Yoshihide and Latin Dance lessons with Colombian instructor Luis Roa.
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Scene Classifieds: Jobs, jobs, jobs...
seeking real estate consultants, dance instructors, marketing staff and teachers.
Housing... apartments offered
For sale... household items, laptop computers, office equipment Services... learn to cook Chinese food, Japanese and Chinese lessons
Personals... wanted: love, fun and enlightenment

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China Film Festival

Comrade Language: Chinese Zodiac
The Comrade elucidates the ins and outs of Chinese astrology

Ask Ayi: Ghosts and Foxy Ladies
Hey Ayi, One of my English-language students called me a Ścow-ghostą the other day. Everybody laughed but then they wouldnąt tell me what was funny. I have also been labeled a 'cigarette-ghost.' What's up with all these beasts and phantoms? Sign me, Gwailo

Best Bite: Coffee and Books at Sculpting in Time
Absorb the flavor of a real Beijing neighborhood untainted by Western materialism, free of fast-food restaurants, and not a single lawyer in sight. No, wait. Oh, crap. Turn around. This is the wrong alley. Sorry.

In Short: Translations from the Chinese press
Enterprising Spirit, Deep Freeze, Wang Can't Play, Geomantic Traffic, Family Values, Private Housing

FYI: Visa Renewal Services
Visa 'Econsulting' services have eliminated the need for time and cash-consuming trips to Hong Kong to renew and convert business visas. The consultants listed offer convenient renewal services far preferable to the cost and trouble of a trip out of the country.

Culture Scene
Mandopop: China's leading culture vulture sounds off on I Love Beijing, 'Assassin's' Real Victim, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ta Ma De!

Expat School List

Restaurant Scene

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi
STREET PUNK VS. BOOKWORM The cartoon saga continues