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  COVER STORY: Rock 'n Roll Entrepreneurs: China's young and hip join the Internet revolution.
by Anna-Sophie Loewenberg and Guo Jing
"All is chaos and the situation is excellent"--Mao Zedong The Great Helmsman was not referring to the state of the Internet in China in the run-up to the new millennium, but his words perfectly describe the opportunity and the anarchy of Chinese cyberspace as the 21st century dawns..

Zhao Le: July 23 - 29, 1999
Beijing's best daily entertainment guide.

Buy one house, rent another and impress a tutor cutie with that used fridge you bought working part time teaching English to a punk rocker

Ask Ayi: Creation Ayi

Comrade Language: Xiang Qian Kan! Money is everything
The comrade pontificates on post-Mao China's obsession with money.

Best Bite: Waterside Cafe
by Cindy Carter
Enjoy breakfast, brunch or dinner beside a lake in the shade of willow trees

MANDOPOP: Notes from China's cultural underground
Avant-Garde Underground, New Rock Releases, In the Shower and On the Road, Rhino in Love and Steal This Book.

In Short: July 23 - 29, 1999
Crocodile tears, Don't drink the water, Fortune telling, Net users double to 4 million...

FYI: Watch Repair
No one really knows what time it is in Beijing, but you stand a better chance if your watch is not broken. Here is a list of horologists in the northern capital.

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi




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