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When silk alley disappoints and department stores don¹t stock your size, try these tailors for Western- and Chinese-style clothing:

James of Beijing
¹¾Ÿ… ø±±æ©¼´Àæ
Commercial Building, Xingfu Ercun, Chaoyang District „؋٫¯­³½£œ¥ÂŠÃ³µ¥Û¦ˆ
Tel: 6416-2211
Hours: 10 am-5 pm

Su Luo À¹¬Þ¾ˆ…Ï
Location 1 2nd floor, China World Trade Center, Chaoyang District „؋٫¯÷­¼™¼™º ˆ„³×÷­­Ÿœ¾“
Tel: 6505-0832
Hours: 10 am-5 pm Location 2 5 floor, Scitech Shopping Center »¸Ãÿ¼†‘Ô÷­­Ÿ‘¾“

Yuanlong Embroidery Silk Store
Opposite Temple of Heaven South Gate, Chongwen District „Á‘Ÿ«¯ÃÏ𦈉ŒˆÊ
Tel: 6701-2854, 6702-4059
Hours: 9 am-6 pm


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