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Pawn Shops

You can buy anything you can imagine, and sell everything but your soul in the following hock shops.

Huaxia Pawn Co.
166 Qianmen Avenue, Chongwen District
獊禂当 劻憻珒垑ホ圇166唹
Tel: 6511-4314, 6701-1390

Fuchang Mortgage Firm
149 North Lishi Road, Xicheng District
絽緵禂当 憲劔北恳狓瑓149唹
Tel: 6605-1976, 6833-6525

Jinbao Mortgage Service Firm
30 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District
嚂倍禂当 憲劔憲祤北ホ圇30唹
Tel: 6605-1556

Baoruitong Pawn Firm
45 Tianshuiyuan Dongli, Chaoyang District
倍粫债禂当 勜嬞脮榔寖彺吭45唹
Tel: 6507-2594


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