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  Beijing Scene


Beijing Scene, Volume 6, Issue 1, October 15 - 21

Little Sanlitun

As Beijing continues to reconstruct, Sanlitun-like nightspot-strips sprout like mushrooms in the most unexpected places. The latest cluster is on Ritan North Road (the east-west road running along the north side of Ritan Park). The strip includes: Sanlitun standby Jenny Lou's Grocery, with its familiar selection of fresh produce, snack food and imported alcohol.

Bella's Cafe, providing Jianwai denizens an alternative to Starbucks for morning coffee and croissants. Milo's Grill (the erstwhile Bella's II), a Yugoslavian/Italian restaurant boasting a brick grill for barbequeing.

Pageant Bar, an improbable Tibetan antique store, bar, and restaurant all-in-one. And yet-to-open Spanish restaurant Douyoushi, modelling itself after Sanlitun's Ashanti. The strip also features a fresh flower shop, Chinese "antique" jewelry store, and rattan furniture outlet to consummate the Sanlitun milieu.

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