Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 13, June 18-24

  Black Memories:
Chen Qingqing and her Work - Fourty Years of Life and Art in Beijing
by Ben Davidson
"I didn’t quite fit into the foreign community but I was living a completely different life from my Chinese friends."

In Short: June 18-24, 1999
Hollywood to co-produce, artist to pay price, China dots the com, and consumer credits problems loom.

FYI: Too damn HOT!
The oppressive humidity of summer lasts only a few months, but they are usually a very long few months. Stop mopping the sweat off your brow and help develop China’s power infrastructure by installing an air-conditioner.

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi
Get that office communication going!

Ask Ayi: Ayi Lets Her Hair Down?

Doctor Doctor: Don’t Let the Beijing Bug Bite

Comrade Language: Wining and Dining Out
Thousands of years of social stratification dictate that physical exertion is something better reserved for athletes and migrant workers.

Best Bite: Tan Gen Yuan Authentic Beijing Restaurant
by B. Vannes
Despite what Western mothers tell children who refuse to finish their broccoli, China doesn’t appear to be suffering from a catastrophic shortage of food. As the original house of pasta and the land of 10,000 recipes, the Middle Kingdom has never taken a back seat to anywhere as far as the art of cooking is concerned.

Book Scene: About Face
by James Mann
Mann's account of U.S.-China relations since the early 1970s shows how time and time again Chinese officials have outmaneuvered their U.S. counterparts.





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