Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 7, April 30 - May 6

  Summer Music Scene - Heineken Beat 99
The Altar of the Sun in Ritan Park is being turned into a stage for blues, pop, world music and big band jazz in China's first international open-air music festival

In Short: April 30 - May 6, 1999
Cannes controversy continues, Marxist mistrial, coming crisis, Macho mummy, WTO update

FYI: Day trading
Previously previledged financial information is now just a click of the mouse away. Here is a partial list of websites offering financial advice with an emphasis on Asia.

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi
The great duck boat races!

Ask Ayi: Fuzzy lintball

Doctor Doctor: Beijing Belly - What you can do about Diarrhea

Best Bite: Huji old Beijing Noodle House
Old Beijing restaurant serves up hearty fare in a manner and style that would not be out of place in a Boxer Rebellion-era hutong





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