Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue 4, April 9 - 15

  Dialogue: the graffiti art of 18K
by Lyn Stuart
"How amny people go to art galleries? Even in a big city like Beijing, it's a tiny number. But ordinary people see my work everyday." - 18K

In Short: April 9 -15, 1999
Prose pirates, pop goes the PIJIU, wheel of fortune, snake smuggling

FYI: Art supplies
Everything you need to paint, print and sculpt is availabe in Beijing, if you look hard enough. Many art stores are clustered around the National Art Museum.

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi

Ask Ayi: Carpet Schmarpet

Doctor Doctor: About alcohol
The French paradox: defy the odds associated with a high fat diet with the help of a little vino.

Comrade Language: Wining and Dining Out
Thousands of years of social stratification dictate that physical exertion is something better reserved for athletes and migrant workers.

Best Bite: The Glass Onion Bistro
"Here's another place you can go where everything flows. Looking through a bent-backed tulip to see how the other half lives looking through a Glass Onion." - Lennon/MaCartney

Book Scene: Streetlife China
by Michael Dutton
In 1993 3.5 million cassettes of Mao's Cultural Revolution anthem The East is Red were sold and over 11 million prints of his portrait were made. Mao's image was fetishized and attributed with powers of supernatural protection.




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