Beijing Scene, Volume 5, Issue I, April 2 - 9


Cynical Realist Fang Lijun: The Rogue of Contemporary Chinese Painting has Mellowed
by Ben Davidson
A fool is someone still trusting after being taken in a hundred times. We'd rather be lost, bored, crisis-ridden misguided punks than be cheated. Don't even consider trying the old methods on us, we'll riddle your dogma with holes, then discard it in a rubbish heap.

In Short: April 1- 8, 1999
Archeologists in hutongs have trademark violation with small banks over software piracy.

FYI: Go Mobile!
Need a short-term cellular connection? Renting a mobile telephone is an increasingly affordable option.

Yanghunzi vs. Shudaizi
Are you hip to massage that tounge?

Ask Ayi: So, You Wanna Get Lucky, eh?

Doctor Doctor: Don’t Let the Beijing Bug Bite

Comrade Language: An Exclusive Interview
The Comrade says Chinese is a language, just like Spanish, Russian or Australian.

Best Bite: The Rennaissance
by Lyn Stuart
Dining in the Legation Quarter,
the Rennaissance reinvents itself.

Book Scene: About Face
by James Mann
Mann's account of U.S.-China relations since the early 1970s shows how time and time again Chinese officials have outmaneuvered their U.S. counterparts.



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